Baby Talk: Off Camera

Hi, my name is Thao, and I overshare on Instagram. *Hi, Thao*.


Friday Thoughts: Travel

I took my first flight at 17. The destination was Reno, Nevada. It was storming, we got delayed on the runway, turbulence scared the sh*t out of me, I was so lost in the airport, and I overpacked by 150%.


Beach Vibes

I think someone warned me about babies and sand and babies eating sand, but I didn’t listen.  We took Juliette to to the beach for the first time and she had a blast, fistful of wet sand in her mouth and all.


First Solids

I never thought sweet potatoes would get me emotional, but that’s what becoming a mom has done to me.


Baby Update: Month Two

Month Two was a good month.  Juliette was back at birth weight, she slept like a champ, momma was starting to feel herself again, and I was starting to pick up on her different cues.


Month One: Hello, baby.

Month one started on January 03, 2017 at 10:23PM when a 6 pound 13 ounce baby was plopped on my chest. She had a pear-shaped face and was (still is) the most beautiful and perfect baby I have ever laid my eyes on. The first night was filled with a lot of skin-to-skin, failed breastfeeding attempts, and figuring out how to swaddle like the nurse did.  Our first month at home was calm.  We didn’t sleep much during the night as I tried to nurse every few hours to get our little babe back to her birth weight. Our days were peaceful since I slept when she slept, ate when she slept, and cleaned when she slept.  She did a lot of sleeping.

38 weeks (almost)

Nearing the end of my pregnancy is bittersweet. I really enjoyed my pregnancy and my baby bump but I look forward to so much with her outside the womb.